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About Recovery Through Rediscovery

Recovery Through Rediscovery was established in 2016 by Kevin and Sue Erwin, who are passionate in their desire to lead women from battling addiction to living fully in recovery.

Addiction is a word the Erwin family never thought they would experience, but like many families in this country they found themselves with the realization that this topic cannot be ignored.  Worldwide, there are so many different theories about how to deal with addiction, but are any of them really working?  With active addiction statistics on the rise, it seems they are not.  What makes the Erwins' approach different?  In essence, they believe it is crucial to remember that behind the addiction, there is a human being with a soul who is hungry for the life-changing truth!

Thus, they have developed an eagerness to minister to young women who are seeking hope, love, guidance and a firm foundation on which to stand.  So many are misled in the world through their trials and tribulations in life and need a rock on which to stand firm.  The team at Recovery Through Rediscovery want to show women their true beauty and potential while helping them rediscover living life to the fullest free from addiction.

Journey With Us

A Little Insight Into Our Program

When you are personally struggling with addiction, life essentially seems beyond salvation!  There is an overwhelming desire to be freed from the fortress of isolation and wretchedness you are currently living in.  There is also the most immense fear you have ever known while trying to contemplate life without your substance or behavior of choice.  It's crippling!  You have become a prisoner of your own making!  If you are a family member or a loved one of someone battling active addiction, you too feel hopeless and desperate for help!  You want your loved one back!  You want their life to stop spiraling out of control!  Their pain is your pain!  Your fears are their fears!

My friends, set your fears aside...

At Recovery Through Rediscovery, our team will open the doors of freedom and set your feet on the paths of restoration from your addiction.  All you or your loved one have to do is take one small step at a time.  We are with you all the way!  Our resources for instruction vary from group sessions, step study instruction and guidance, weekly one-on-one sessions with a licensed counselor and learning essential life skills including, but not limited to: Financial responsibility, training in mental and physical fitness, culinary classes focused on healthy eating, etc.  In addition, a solid foundation will be established to utilize continuously throughout life's journey in recovery.  Each woman will be enrolled in a program of either 4, 8 or 12 weeks.  Each program is Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Daily attendance is mandatory.

We hope the seeds planted will blossom into a deep, everlasting faith to be maintained throughout a lifetime.  Women will be taught the value of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  It is our deepest prayer that anyone who chooses Recovery Through Rediscovery will find help in her time of need, laughter when humor is low as well as hope when all seems lost.  Most importantly, our greatest aspiration is that each woman find healing for her broken soul, receive peace of mind and strength for a future of living life fully in recovery.

To any one of you who yearns to know more about living life free from addiction and learning to live fully in recovery with a pure heart and pure motives, we are here for you.  We are ready to begin your life changing journey with you!  Are you?

Our services are self-pay, as we do not use diagnostic codes. Below are the minimum requirements:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older 

  • You must be willing to follow program rules 

  • You must be motivated for recovery 

  • You must be currently alcohol and drug free 

  • You must be medically and psychologically stable


Everyone has a story, here are some of ours...



Life begins and things happen.  Early on in my childhood, I began living in denial and I continued this pattern well into adulthood.  I learned to extinguish my true feelings and merely existed, without actually acknowledging how the things happening within my life were affecting me.  In essence, I accepted everything from everyone.  I learned early on the destructive habits of enabling, people-pleasing and yes, I even fell for the illusion of control.  I come from a broken home, which means I was raised without my father present.  I did not have a relationship with my dad, which was by my own choice.  I made this decision because I felt I was betraying others in maintaining a relationship with him.  Just another example of my people-pleasing in action...I never did understand what a full family unit was like, but I do remember being sad that I did not have a dad around like my peers did.  My brothers eventually left home to live with my dad.  To that end, the family unit I depended on started to dwindle.  More insecurities developed along with ever increasing fears.  I often found myself wondering, “What else is going to be taken from me?”  In an effort to evade my internal doubts and ever growing fears, I began to take on more responsibility in my home.  I also began to rebel and started dating a certain boy at age 16.  He was labeled as a bad boy, but I could see past the facade he presented to the world.  

I married at the ripe, young age of 18.  Freedom never felt so good!  I had no responsibilities.  Finally, my life was about me and one other person.  However, this too brought on added insecurities with each new relationship that developed as a result of my marriage.  Children soon followed.  With assumptions of what I believed was going to be a good marriage and healthy family, I soon found myself decreasing my expectations, which left me broken.  Thankfully, the illusion I was able to see through within my husband as a teenager resurfaced in his adulthood.  Honestly, he is as amazing today as I believed him to be when I was a teenager.  Unfortunately at this time though, I continued to stuff my feelings.

Over the years, my children grew up, left home and went off to college.  More storms continued to roll into my life, but now in the form of drugs, alcohol and a baby.  What happened to life being happily ever after?  Sadly, at the time, my daughter began traveling down a harmful path.  Despite this being her life, you bet I was there trying fervently to fix her and everyone else around me for that matter.  It seemed that out of nowhere, all of my habits and tendencies were coming to the surface in full force.  I was completely overwhelmed with uncertainties as well as feeling such tremendous pain, anger, frustration and sadness.  I felt I couldn’t even go to church and hold my head up.  I soon learned the art of isolation and yes, even saying, “Everything is good.”  When my grandson was born, he brought about a shift in my daughter, so life again returned to calm daughter had back surgery many years later.  At this time, prescription pain medication was introduced to my family and with that introduction, we were also introduced to the ease with which addiction is born.  I was at a loss.  Up until this point in my life, no one I knew or associated with seemed to have ever been affected by addiction or even knew someone battling with addiction.  I was a fish on dry land, scrambling and suffocating.  I truly felt I had no where left to turn.  My prayers to God (as I thought things should go) were still going unanswered.  Then, I did what any distraught parent would do... I went to a meeting to get help for my daughter!  Fortunately though, reality hit and I got help for me!  

Yes, for the first time in my life I started to come out of denial and slowly take off the mask of my false, “Everything is good!” persona.  I didn’t want to remove my mask of denial because it was not pleasant, being exposed and vulnerable.  However, thankfully I started focusing on my life and what I needed to do.  I started to pray, really pray.  I began journaling as well.  I surrounded myself with safe, Godly women.  I learned to see people, including myself, as Jesus sees people: broken.  I learned how to live each day focused on one thing: My journey for the Lord.  I now have an indescribable passion for aiding and inspiring other women on the road to their own recoveries.  I believe women are a crucial part of our families and our lives.  There are so many beautiful woman who are lost and searching.  It’s my desire to journey alongside them, in order to help build the solid foundation on which they stand throughout this journey called life.  We all have a story.  This is part of mine.  I would be honored to hear yours.  I would count myself blessed for you to be included in mine.

- Sue Erwin; Founder & Director of RTR

My addiction, like many others, started in the midst of an abusive, manipulative relationship and followed me for years.  Before my drug use, I was demeaned on a daily basis, made to believe nothing I did was good enough for my then fiancé.  I was so in love with someone who constantly played games with my mind and hurt me, not only physically, but emotionally as well.  I was blinded by love and could not see what everyone else saw, that I needed to escape his grip.  I felt trapped in a cycle that was far greater than I was, constantly pulling me back in.  The guilt I felt for my poor decisions kept me turning back to the one thing that was destroying my life.  When I finally had the courage to leave and not return, like I had so many times before, I realized that he was not the only thing I needed escape from.  I thought I had control of my drug use and I could stop whenever I wanted, but soon realized that was not the case.  I was depressed that my life was falling apart before my very eyes and kept turning to the only thing that comforted me, the only thing that would take away my pain and numb my soul, opiates.  I did my best to hide this demon taking over my life from my friends and family, but they knew something was wrong.  They noticed I was no longer the happy, upbeat person I had always been.  I was a recluse and did not want to talk to anyone, which was not my personality at all!  After years of ups and downs with my addiction, I finally hit rock bottom and realized this was far greater than me.  By that time, I had already graduated to the needle and it consumed every waking moment in my day.  When I got sober, I rededicated my life to God and He pulled me up when I could not see the light.  The road to recovery is difficult, but I am so glad that I did not have to walk that path alone.  Having God and my family’s support, I learned how to cope with my emotions instead of suppressing and numbing them.  Now, after years of being clean, I have accomplished things that would have been impossible when I was using.  I went to college and I am now a CNA.  I help the elderly live a happy life in or out of the nursing home.  I have a beautiful daughter who is the direct center of my world and I am also living my dream of helping others through their addictions and recoveries.  Without God and the love and support of family, this would never have been possible.  There is no better time than right now to change your life and you are the only one who can make that decision!  Today is the day you can change your life, to live the life you deserve!  You are worth it!!

-Sarah H.

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